Re-Sack Nets

Made Sustained

Re-Sack reusable fruit & vegetables nets are perfect for carrying your fruit & vegetables from the supermarket to your home. The organic cotton net can be put directly in the refrigerator. In comparing with plastic bags the nets are breathable. After use you can just put them in your washing machine on 30 degrees and hang dry them. Because it’s a natural material the nets shrink about 10-12% from the original size.
Re-Sack group 3
Re-Sack voile brood zichtbaar lage resolutieRe-Sack vierkant tomaten
Re-Sack Voile                                                     Re-Sack Net
Re-Sack small lage resolutieRe-Sack shopping bag web
Re-Sack Small                                                    Re-Sack Shopping Bag

Re-Sack canvas sack webuse Re-Sack Mesh Bag web use

Re-Sack Canvas Sack                                   Re-Sack Mesh Shopping Bag

Re-Sack String Bag long handle        Re-Sack String Bag Short Handle

Re-Sack Canvas cut bag