Made Sustained Rectangular lunchboxes

Made Sustained

Made Sustained Rectangular lunchboxes  are a great alternative for plastic baggies or tinfoil. They are BPA free and non-leaching alternative for plastic lunchboxes. The reusable lunchboxes are perfect for healthy lunches on-the-go whenever at work, at school, at the park or on the beach.  The lunchboxes are made out of stainless steel 304 (almost indestructible)  and are available in three sizes. Small (14×10,2x4cm), Medium (16,2×11,4×4,4cm), Large (18,0x14x4,9cm) The lunchboxes are dishwasher safe and available in each size or as a set of three.


with clip in two sizes: Medium 16x12x5cm and Large 18x14x6cm




Made Sustained double feeder lunchbox 16,5x12x8,4cm

Made Sustained Medium Trio 16,7×12,8x6cm

Made Sustained Large Trio 23×17,2x7cm

Made Sustained Large Leakproof lunchbox 20x16x6cm