Made Sustained is a young and creative company which distributes sustainable and innovative products to the European market with the focus on the Benelux.

Through intensive research in the Netherlands and abroad, we introduce conscious products to the European market. These products will be selected on sustainability and product appearance. In this way, Made Sustained wants to contribute to a growing sustainable society.
Made Sustained delivers to indirect channels with the ambition to aim for as many consumers as possible. In cooperation with the retailer we give clear information what the added value of the product for the consumer is.


Made Sustained is a lifestyle. Live and enjoy but be aware of your actions.  Made Sustained develops products that are innovative and attractive. They are creating a greater self-awareness and are aiming to reduce waste and to contribute to a better environment.
All materials and all produced articles are thoroughly being tested before they are being sold.


Apart from our own brand name Made Sustained we are also responsible for the distribution of several complementary brands . We deliver to all kind of segments, examples are: Fair & Sustainable stores, Gift & Design, Kitchen & living and Outdoor (online) stores.
We aim to re-use as many carton boxes as possible and use groupage transport to deliver as efficient as possible. Benelux dealers can place their orders till 18.00 o’clock and they will still receive their products the next day. Delivery to other European countries takes about 2 up to 4 days.